Steep Wall Reset

I thought I should inform you all that a couple weeks ago I completely stripped the Steep Wall. At Rob's request the Micky Mouse remains, but nothing else. Sadly yes Organic, Petzl and Epic are no more. This change was motivated by myself however, the Steep Wall at CATS is my favorite wall anywhere. Because of it's width, and lack of attention in terms of getting a constant supply of new holds, it was approaching the point of being stale. So I stayed in CATS until 1:30am on a Friday night and stripped the entire thing. The re-setting took a bit longer but all the holds that are going to be up are now up. There will still be some fine tuning over the next few weeks, as Danielson may make some adjustments and as some problems are set set, but the steep is completely fresh now and ready to go.

The main wall has been getting a very steady supply of new amazing holds including some yet-to-be-on-the-market very purist slopes which are actually a reshape of a BEAUTIFUL old E-Grips set. CATS is really starting to get pretty well done in terms of holds, we will continue to get more, but the Main Wall for instance is essentially devoid of holds that are not fantastic. Because of this I have started improving the Ramp Wall and even the Cave Entrance Overhang. So there are a variety of completely new lines emerging in areas previously unclimbed.

I would like to start posting more, but on November 3rd I defend my Thesis so I should be pretty busy until then.