Pure Crimps

A somewhat thin, very pure, short, crimp line. People find it to be painful, but the edges are not sharp at all, they are just very thin so it is more of a maybe bruising sort of thing. There is a pretty obvious small pocket crimp directly over the lip on the left side of the main wall, and just up and right of that a better more rounded crimp of the same series, from these two holds you do a jump to the large green Frank Loyd Wright jug, the right hand starts on a sand colored straight thin crimp of the same series as the crimps above left hand starts down and left on a grey and pink old crimp that is a very similar style to the right hand, you get the good red spike jib as a foot. The video is here http://vimeo.com/9300504

And for the request in the comments:

Start on two of the yellow circles(the razors I think) go to blue, come into green and jump to a jug? It will of course be hard to simulate without coming into CATS.


  1. This problem looks like a straight forward v10 and something perhaps good for breaking into the grade...Is there any chance that you could post pictures of the specific midnight desert crimps you use in the problem, so I could set an identical in the gym I train at in lexington, ky...It would be really appreciated!

    Keep up the awesome website, it has been a great source of inspiration and tool for setting problems and getting strong