Recent Sends and Updates

As I am being increasingly bothered by people telling me to update the website, I will provide the latest and most important news. Daniel has finnally returned from Europe(but is now in Hueco) and had the new best day in CATS history flashing 3 V12s and a V13, he also FLASHED the first ascent of a new Razor Ladder V14 in the steep, and sent a V15 in the steep after maybe 5 tries, and that is the short summary of the night. In more recent news Alex Puccio made a very impressive first Female Ascent of Keen! She helped set the problem nearly 2 years ago and has tried it a few sporadic times since but had not put much work into it. The problem, perhaps unlike Clear Blue Skies, really comes down to sticking the very long cross through 2nd move off of a heel hook. To say Alex is in good shape would be an understatement, I am starting to wonder if there is any move with a heel Alex cannot do.

In other news although we have not gotten many new holds since my last post(Chris! Get in here!) we have continued moving many holds and making many improvements. I am right in the middle of drastically improving the steep wall. Things are certainly getting better and not just because they are different, but the cost is that there are some problems listed on the site here which are a bit different now. Not many honestly, but if you have any questions feel free to ask, or come in on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.