Thanksgiving and New Holds

Sorry that there has not been a lot of activity on the site recently. I have been putting a little more time into school. Also things have been a bit dry on the video side of things, but good news is that my friend Gabor is doing a video piece on training in Boulder, similar to the Patxi section of Progression that will include a lot of amazing HD CATS footage including UNCUT footage of Campus number 5. More good news is that I with some help from Chris Danielson got 30 new E-Grips holds that are absolutely amazing! The steep is the most transformed, but lots of new holds around in general as some other holds have been moved around, such as the Death Star in a more usable spot and I liberated a nice Lunar Flat out of the steep. Seeing how much of a difference these holds made actually just makes me want more, so there will definitely be some new ones for Christmas as well. A difficulty this brings up is that my photographs for CATS are outdated now as the walls are a bit different. I will have to decide whether to take more pictures, or just rely on video plus me being there to show problems. What do you think? Do the guide pictures help at all or should I abandon them? Remember as always if you see me in there to just ask for problems.
I am leaving for Maryland tomorrow to go climbing at my old stomping ground of Earth Treks, CATS may be closed some of these days, sorry I do not remember the details, but just call in. When I return I will probably write another blog post regarding ET vs. CATS and the changes they created in my climbing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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