The Season is Beginning

First, sorry for the lack of updates recently. The winter CATS season is beginning! In the last month or so CATS temps have dropped around 15 degrees and grease levels are decreasing! I personally think this means the time for crimping is at hand, and have already dispatched two of my winter projects, left wall Keen and Organic in the steep. I will hopefully get video's of both of these up this weekend. The time of year also means CATS is starting to get a little more traffic. We do not have a ton of space, so please try to be considerate and tuck your things away as neatly as possible, and do not put all your stuff on the chairs, they are for people, not for your excess clothing.

In climbing news Paul has started to come in once a week or so and is dispatching some of my unrepeated problems, and putting away a few of my projects. Gabor has just returned and is remembering how much better CATS is than anything else and had some impressive V11 flashes last night. I am also very psyched for my friend Matt who just moved here from California, and is systematically putting away all the problems I show him. I appreciate this type of climbing and find it is much more productive than the ADD, no focus, stop-trying-things-if-they-are-hard approach.

Not a lot of new problems added to the site recently, sorry again, I am not running low, but am having trouble filming. The newish ones that I have added though are a good grade range including a V4, V8, and V12 campus. I will try to get some more up this week. But as always if you need or want new problems, just come in and ask!

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