La Sportiva Campus

If you want to get stronger on crimps I would have to say that this is THE thing to climb on. And no I have not said that about any other problem. This is how to get finger strength. As a warning La Sportiva with feet should be a warm-up and you probably should have flashed it for this to be an option, but of course do what you want. This is where grading gets very tricky for me. Maybe not quite flash but I did this problem first try or so, and for me it is probably as difficult as CATS V10. However I am not sure who would do this problem besides those who have climbed V14 outside. . . .
But I could also be miserably wrong.
But then again maybe I am not, as there are climbers who have done V12 who have difficulty doing La Sportiva WITH feet.
How hard is this? I have no idea. So it gets V12.
Here is the video:

First Ascent: James O'Connor

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