A serious steep crimping testpiece on a great line of amazing holds. One of my absolute favorites. The original goal of this problem was to make a better set, easier, more fun version of Organic. In terms of a full length, taped steep crimp testpiece. It worked out quite well except for the easier part. I think I did set this a little better than Organic, the moves are more interesting and the holds are much cooler. It was also especially good for myself because I found it to be a very sustained problem, I somehow came out of the finish jug around 6 times from the bottom. Although apparently I was wrong. The 4th move(getting out of the Orange ETCH undercling) is, according to Paul, much harder than anything on Organic, to the extent that this is the only problem I know of that took Daniel more than one day. So the grading on this is a bit tricky but I do not think it warrants V14.
Here is the video: I know this footage is not perfect but it is quite hard to film the steep wall well and keep the feet in frame at all times. It is taped so do not think any pictures are necessary.

FA: James O'Connor
Other Ascents: Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson

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