New Holds

A few pieces of news. First CATS will not be open tomorrow(Monday the 7th) for Labor day. My friend Gabor has just returned from Europe and brought a handful of interesting Euro holds which are now up, look for a few new incuts on the lower section of steep, new feet spread around, new sloper on the left side of the main wall, a cool plate and black edgepinch on the lower main wall, yellow crimper on the main wall, and a few other randoms spread around. Thanks for the holds Gabor! Although it is currently empty I have added a "Blog" section to the site for random musings and guest posts. When I get something to put in there I will probably post something here in the news section. I have also put up Campus Number 3 and 4 up on the site with video, which means I now how have to try to repeat Campus Number 5. Any opinions on whether the footage should be uncut or have some hold close ups?

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