Keen's 4th ascent, New problems up

Rob reports that Phil Schaal recently made the 4th ascent of the center wall Keen. Given that he has mostly climbed out the Park, I hope Phil comes in more! On a related not I have not started trying it yet, but I just finished setting the extension to Keen, so it will go to the top of the wall soon, for those that want to. I also spent some time during the day so that the lighting would be better getting footage of an amazing taped testpiece I put up a few months ago; Petzl. I think I got about as good of footage as I can get out of my digital point-and-shoot, so the problem and video is now up! Along with two very contrasting V11s and a good addition to the sparse V6-7 section. I have also been scrounging across the unclimbed back pit wall and have added a few more holds to the main wall. Also my friend Chris Danielson should be bringing in some amazing new E-Grips holds in the coming weeks, so come in and check it out!

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