The Font-Egg Dyno

Another shameless power problem with the Egg. However going from the ETCH Font Pinch to the Egg was a move that had to be done, so this problem had to happen. Since I knew I was just making another power problem with Egg I decided to not half-ass it and just make a straight line line with as big of moves as I could manage.
And this is was the result
As you may notice I did throw in one small hold; the last crimper on Keen. So that 6'3" 200lb people do not get too psyched. Along with a description this problem should be easy enough to figure out. Start Red Izze double jug with orange Bubble Wrap foot right above the kickboard, up to purple ETCH edge, Keen, on the painting of the climber on the wall the incut crimp on top of the painting's chalk bag, ETCH font pinch, Egg, top.

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