Campus Number 4

Strangely the first simple and the first crimpy campus problem made. Here is the video although it is definitely a problem that is harder than it looks I have trouble with the grade on this one. It did not feel that bad to me, I did not feel it was a step up at the time, but a few things suggest otherwise. People have said that it would be V10 with open feet, it has been tried open feet without success, it has been tried by the very strong and still has zero repeats. . .
But if someone were to come along and piss it and tell me it is no harder than Campus Number 1 I would just think "Dang! I knew it!" and probably agree. I will compromise, guess and just throw the V12 grade on it. If you are really psyched on your fingers and pulling ability have at it!
Two finger bucket, right hand blue jib, red incut jib, top.

FA: James O'Connor

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