New Team Effort V7

I very well set V7 by Silven, Philip and myself. This one has a great variety of movement and is much more interesting than the typical CATS climb. I have been hearing some complaining regarding the grade, well this is certainly much easier than the V8's and V9's I have been putting up so I guess I have to be consistent. I would be interested to hear though if you believe my new climbs to be generally harder for the grade than my old climbs, because then I guess I would have to adjust some, let me know. The video is here:
The video should be enough but I will run it through by words in case. Start Zbar jug, with a blue jib and a dirty yellow jib to start, left hand two screw teal crimp, into blue Teknik pinch, out to small green ETCH pinch, right foot on red jib just to the right of the big yellow loaf pinch, right hand to small tan/yellow pinch above the green font, right hand again to the pink eGrips scooped mini pinch, left hand Red Hornytoad.

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