Green Hornytoad

An epic masterpiece of movement and perfect holds. This is a taped climb that is very very hard for me to put a grade on, I did it awhile back without too much difficulty and Daniel flashed it but it has seen many many people who climb V13 and V14 fail on it so I guess I will go ahead and list it as a V13. If you send it and go "pshh that is V11" well good for you I do not really care.
Video is here:
Green Hornytoad is also one of my current campus projects all the moves have gone, and I have had decent link starting 2 moves in and falling on the last move. The future for sure.

If you can campus all the moves I will buy you 3 blocks of chalk.
If you campus Green Hornytoad and your last name is not Woods, then I will name a problem after you and will treat a meal at iHop.

FA: James O'Connor
Other Ascents: Daniel Woods, Gabor Szekely, Andre Defelice

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